Downsview Lands Community

  • 1.8 million sq. ft
  • 656 patient beds
  • 450,000 ambulatory and diagnostic visits
  • 114,000 ER visits
  • 42,000 surgeries
  • 17,000 oncology care treatments
  • 550 patients in dialysis treatment
  • 6,000 new births
  • 80% of rooms are single-bed with space for a family member to sleep
  • 600 physicians
  • 2,800 staff
  • 300 volunteers
  • 450,000 outpatient visits per year
Every room is a "smart" room with a bedside control terminal that allows patients to adjust lighting & set temperature, make video calls, access the internet and review their medical records and test results
The HRH catchment area encompasses 1/3 of Toronto's population (850,000):

Highway 27 to the West
Highway 404 to the East
St. Clair Avenue to the South
King Side Road to the North
Located on Wilson midway between Keele and Jane.  Click on any picture for a larger view.This is North America's first fully digital hospital.  Humber River Regional Hospital opened in the fall of 2015Go to HRRH website 
On October 29, 2011 CBC Radio's White Coat, Black Art ran an episode called Park Your Frustration.  It dealt with various aspects of hospital parking, from not providing enough spaces, to the exorbitant cost, to people parking - illegally - on side streets.  Click here to LISTEN to the podcast or you can click here to VIEW a transcript of the program.  Based on this program, the DLCVA contacted the HRRH to inquire about their parking.  We rec'd the following response:"Parking at the new facility was approved by North York Community Council and the City of Toronto at 2,025 spaces for the hospital . It was not based on bed count but rather by  traffic consultant report by the hospital and another one by the City of Toronto Planning Department that takes into consideration a number of factors, including traffic demand management strategies.  In addition to the parking on the hospital site, there will be a shared parking strategy with the other offices on the campus who at the present time have vacant capacity."

"There will also be metered parking on the streets that are on the campus. This parking will be run by the City Of Toronto.

The City of Toronto Parking Enforcement office is the only group that can deal with parking on city streets. HRRH must respect this and has no enforcement rights on public roads."

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