Downsview Lands Community


Downsview Animal Hospital (Keele, N of Wilson)

Secret Memos, April 2014

Hey Ottawa, Step up! April 2014


Keele & Victory

Developers give Downsview a makeover, Jan 2014

Sheppard Ave W - west of Keele St.jpg
Keele & Sheppard (courtesy of Vintage Toronto - Facebook

House Keele St., W side, s. of Wandle Ave, 1954.jpg

West side of Keele St., south of Wandle Ave, 1954 (courtesy of Toronto Old Districts - Facebook)


The uncertain fate of Downsview Park Dec, 2012


Downsview Park taken over Nov 2012


Wilson Avenue turns a corner  Sept, 2012

Wilson Avenue revitalization  Sept, 2012

Wilson railway tracks 1964 East of Keele.jpg
Railway tracks crossing Wilson just before Murray Rd, 1964 (courtesy of Vintage Toronto-Facebook

Changes coming for Keele Street - Sept, 2012

Plan to demolish military housing draws fire Aug 2012

Up on Downsview Park Jul, 2012

Downsview Military Neighbourhood set to be demolished  Jul, 2012

Paxtonia & Keele 1959.jpgKeele and Paxtonia (courtesy of Toronto Old Districts-Facebook


Rouge Park needs to learn from Downsview Jun, 2012

Downsview Park Acceptance or Resignation? Jun, 2012

Downsview Park Reasons for Optimism Jun, 2012

Downsview Park Reasons for Concern  Jun, 2012

Keele & Wilson looking NE 1959.jpg
View of Keele-Wilson from Rexall Pharma Plus plaza

Looking to transform Wilson Avenue May, 2012

Hybrid Aerospace Campus in the works for Downsview  Apr, 2012

Condo news in Toronto's North York West Apr,2012

T.O.'s North York West will be transformed Apr, 2012

Aerial Yorkdale Plaza.jpgYorkdale Shopping Plaza, 1960s (courtesy of Toronto Old Districts-Facebook)


Downsview:  Looking Up! Feb, 2012

Are our dreams coming true?  Aug, 2011

Reaction divided on Downsview development decision. Jul, 2011

OMB approves 10,000 unit plan for Downsview Jun, 2011

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