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2737 Keele Street (old hotel parking garage)

A 239 unit, 10-storey apartment building with commerical uses as a standard condominium. The building was a conversion of a former hotel parking lot to residential/commerical use.
2800 Keele Street (& Victory)

Proposed 11 storey mixed use building containing 18,890m2 of gross floor area comprising of 237 residential units and
695m2 of ground floor commercial space.
2522 Keele (and Maple Leaf)

Proposed development of a 9-storey mixed use commercial retail/residential condominium
3100 Keele St (& Maryport Dr)

This application proposes a 19-storey mixed used building and three four-storey stacked townhouse blocks with 422 total residential units and 380 square metres of grade related commercial space.  The site would be accessed off Maryport Avenue with 489 parking spaces located on 2 levels of underground parking.
855 Wilson / 877 Wilson Ave

855 - To construct 99 stacked townhouse dwelling units and 692 square metres of retail space and demolish existing commercial plaza.

877 - to construct 75 multiple attached (stacked townhouses) dwelling units and 192.2 m2 of street fronting retail space.  The proposal includes 80 underground parking spaces
545 Wilson Ave (currently under construction across from Wilson Station

A mixed-use condominium development on the southwest corner of the intersection of Tippet Road and Wilson Avenue.  The proposal is for a 7-storey base building with ground floor commercial units and two-storey residential units that could be used for commercial purposes.  An additional 6-storey tower is proposed at the west end of the site and an additional 7-storey tower is proposed at the east end
3621 Dufferin (& Billy Bishop)

A mixed-use development consisting of a 207 unit, 11-storey residential building with 672 m2 of at-grade retail at the corner of Dufferin Street and Billy Bishop Way and 6 blocks of 4-storey townhouses containing 186 units. A new public road and a park are also proposed.
30 Tippett (& Wilson Ave; near Wilson Station)

Proposed are two condominium apartment buildings of 13 and 12 storeys located on the western portion of the site having a total of 290 dwelling units including 22 live-work units. The maximum building height is approximately 46 metres. These buildings would be connected by a 2-storey lobby and common amenity building. Proposed on the eastern portion of the site are 30 three storey townhouse units in 6 blocks. A total of 360 residential parking spaces are proposed of which 59 would be dedicated for visitors. Parking for the towers would be provided in a multi-level below grade parking garage having 330 spaces and 30 parking spaces would be provided within below grade garages for the townhouses. Access to the site is proposed from a private drivway along the southern portion of the site that is eventually to become a new public road
9 Tippett (& Wilson; near Wilson Station)

Proposed is a residential development with 503 dwelling units having a GFA of 42, 591 m2 oriented in a U-shaped building. The building will wrap along the western property line (Tippet Road) at 17 storeys, southern property line at 7-storeys, eastern property line at 11-storeys and be connected along the northern property line with a 2-storey amenity wing. Access to the site is from a driveway off of Tippet Road and all parking is provided with 2 levels underground consisting of 430 parking spaces.
1050 Sheppard (& Allen Rd; NE corner)

A proposed 15-storey (47.4m) mixed-use building with 205 residential units, 846 square metres of retail at grade and 177 parking spaces.
151 Billy Bishop Way (& Dufferin)

Site Plan Application for a 2 storey KIA car dealership premises with associated site works. Staff are currently reviewing this application
123 Garratt Blvd (Bombardier Aerospace)

New 9377 square metre test flight hanger facility
Toronto's Official Plan Review and how it affects us

The Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how Toronto will grow to the year 2031. 

The Province's Planning Act  requires a municipality to review its Official Plan at least every 5 years. Toronto's Official Plan came into force in 2006 (after amalgamation), so the City had to commence an Official Plan Review in 2011.

The Official Plan Review studied what policies are working, what policies need to be updated, revised or deleted, and what new policies are required to be added as a result of recent provincial legislation.

On November 8 2012,
the City Planning Dep't published their Official Plan  Review.  The purpose of the review was to  provide direction on which lands to keep as "employment" and which could be converted to commercial, mixed-use and/or residential.  There  are 8 properties in Wards 8, 9 and 10 where the owners have submitted requests for conversion.  All of them are recommended for re-designation to "Re-generation Areas." 

These properties are:
50 Wilson Heights - request to re-designate land to permit residential  & commercial

4 Tippett Road - request to re-designate land to mixed use

6 Tippett - request for re-designation
9 Tippet Road - see above

30 Tippet Road- see above

20-62 Murray Road - request to convert lands to residential

3621 Dufferin Street - see above

1140 Sheppard West - request to permit two 15 storey residential buildings with retail at grade along with permitted office use.


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