Downsview is one of the fastest growing areas of Toronto. Development pressure is intense due to the amount of empty land and the 3 subway stations.  All of the development applications below are in addition to the development of the Downsview and Bombardier Lands.  If you wish to express your concern on any of the addresses below click here to go to the City’s website and enter the address to find the Planner in charge. Click on any of the pictures for more detailed information.


2808 Keele Street (north of Victory Drive)
Currently, the site is occupied by a 4-storey rental apartment building and 1-storey single detached dwelling, both of which would be demolished. The developer is looking to construct an L shaped building with a 12-storey apartment building facing Keele Street comprised of 288 rental units of which 54 are rental replacement units, and two 3-storey semi-detached houses facing Victory Drive, each a rental unit. The mix of suites are: 6 studio units, 125 one-bedroom, 129 two-bedrooms, 26 three-bedrooms, and 2 four-bedroom units. A single underground parking level would provide 165 slots and 312 bicycle parking spaces. It is proposed to be accessed from the south, via the existing vehicular access point on Victory Drive.

3374 Keele Street (north of Sheppard Ave)
A 12 storey building is proposed to a height of 42.9 metres and have a gross floor area of 12,018 m², the entirety of which would be residential. A total of 158 condominium units, in a mix of 86 one-bedroom, 56 two-bedroom, and 16 three-bedroom. The two and three-bedroom units represent 45% of the total, a key in attracting families to the building.

1100 Sheppard West (north of Allen Road)
A proposed 14-storey condominium. The building would bring 385 condo units to the area which is walking distance to Sheppard West subway station. The proposed unit mix is 46 bachelor, 148 one bedroom, 146 two bedroom, and 45 three bedroom suites. No retail or office space is proposed to be included in the project.

30 Tippett Road
A 13-storey condo building of 340 units, and a 16 storey rental building of 181 units. In the north condo building, the ground floor will house a new 465-square-metre (5,000-square-foot) community space at the northwest corner which will serve all residents in the neighbourhood. Roughly 521 square metres (5,300 square feet) of new retail space is allocated in the northeast corner of the ground floor. 85% of all proposed condo units are two-bedrooms or larger.

2699 Keele Street (Keele and George Appleton Way)
A condo complex with 27-storey and 7-storey buildings with a total of 397 condo units are proposed in a mix of 280 one-bedroom, 82 two-bedroom, and 36 three-bedroom. There are 409 parking spaces contained in a 5 level parking structure. 472 m² of GFA is planned as ground-floor retail space. A 616 sq metre on site park would be provided in the northeast corner of the site.

1184 Wilson Ave (between Julian and Agate)
A 12-storey condominium apartment with a total of 287 units is proposed in a breakdown of 211 one-bedrooms, 62 two-bedrooms, and 14 three-bedrooms. Two levels of underground parking and some ground floor parking for a total of 284 spaces, 255 dedicated to long-term residential use and 29 for visitors. Also 185 bicycle parking spaces. This will be on the 1.1-acre lot currently occupied by a single-family home.

1326-1328 Wilson Avenue (between Ridge Rd and Highview)
A 10-storey, 65-unit residential development with retail and medical offices. Located about 400 metres west of Humber River Hospital, the site is currently vacant, and is situated between a low-rise apartment building and two residential bungalows (see 1304-1308 Wilson Avenue). The proposed units are comprised of 38 one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom, and 11 three-bedrooms. The 9,525 m² project includes a four-storey, 3,727 m² podium containing medical office and commercial uses. Access to the building's 115-space parking garage would be provided by a driveway shared with the adjacent planned development at 1304-1308 Wilson. Bicycle parking of 65 spaces would also be provided.

1304-1308 Wilson Ave (west of the new ambulance facility)
The development would replace two bungalows and a vacant lot. The application proposes to redevelop the three properties with an 11 storey rental building containing 36 one-bedroom, 38 two-bedroom, and 16 three-bedroom, for a total of 90 apartments. The 7,489 m² building will share a single driveway onto Wilson Avenue with the abutting development (see 1326-1328 Wilson Ave). A 71-space, two-level parking garage would be provided underground, with 72 bicycle spaces also proposed. A total of 517 m² of indoor and outdoor amenity spaces are envisioned across the ground and 11th floors.

3450 Dufferin Street (former Holiday Inn lands)
A proposal for 29, 33, and 37 storey buildings, connected by a podium and mid-rise structures containing townhome units. Also a 255-room hotel housed within the tallest tower, the project would also feature 342m2 of restaurant space at grade, a new road network and a 1,802m2 public park. The buffer area that is approximately 14m wide between the highway ramp and new buildings is maintained.

470, 490 & 530 Wilson Ave (btwn Wilson Heights & Faywood)
The 12-storey plan at 470, 490 and 530 Wilson Ave. will bring 429 condo units to the area with 160 rental units, including 10 to 12 affordable rental suites. Nordic Condos will have ground-level retail to the north side of Wilson Avenue just east of Faywood Boulevard. The project's parkland dedication will be a rectangular green space fronting the intersection of Faywood and Wilson at the west end of the site.

50 Wilson Heights Blvd (Wilson Stn commuter parking lot)
This parking lot is being developed by Create TO as part of the City's Housing Now initiative. It will be a 4-block community with 1,150 residential units, 4,260 m² of office space, 513 m² of retail and a 1,867 m² community centre. The proposal would see four buildings constructed on the 8-acre site along with a new public park at its centre. Roughly 488 units (42%) are earmarked as affordable units. The 4 buildings include 6 mid-rise towers that rise to heights of 11, 12, 13, 16, 16, and 16 storeys. The three tallest ones are clustered together atop a shared podium in the southeast corner of the site that encircles a central courtyard used for vehicular loading and drop-off. To the west of that, a 12-storey mid-rise is oriented north-south, running parallel to the Allen with its south frontage facing Wilson. North of the 12-storey block is an L-shaped mid-rise rising 11 storeys, while to the east of that, following the diagonal of Wilson Heights, is a 13-storey slab building. A new public street provides access through the site.

1277 Wilson Ave (at Ridge Road)
There is currently a four-storey residential rental building, which would be partially demolished to make way for the new development. A 2,365 sq. m portion fronting onto Wilson Avenue would be redeveloped with a new 12-storey building in its place, while the remaining 4,940 sq. m of the existing building (68% of the total building now there) would remain on the southern portion of the site. The new building would contain 292 rental units between the new 12-storey building’s proposed 239 units and the retained portion of the existing 4-storey building’s 53 units. The additional 239 rental units are a mix of 138 one-bedroom units, 64 two-bedroom units, and 37 three-bedroom units.

381 Wilson Avenue (Bathurst exit from the 401)
A 13 storey retirement residence with a total of 278 units comprised of memory care, assisted living, independent supportive living and independent living units. Proposal includes two levels of underground parking providing a total of 153 parking spaces. The primary vehicular entrance for residents and visitors would be on Wilson Avenue and a proposed second access is on Cadillac Avenue, designed for service vehicles.

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