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  • We contacted Toronto Hydro regarding the poor lighting along Keele Street and Wilson Ave.  During one walk we counted over 12 street lights out, many of them at intersections.  Toronto Hydro agreed to fix all of them and will be adding additional lighting at the intersections of Keele/Tavistock and Keele/Calvington which will bring this section up to the City’s standards for roadway lighting.  They have promised that new lights will be in place by the beginning of summer
  • Canada Lands Co. submitted their development application to the City for the William Baker neighbourhood at Keele and Sheppard.  Imagine our surprise when, after 15 years of being told there would be 3,534 units, the application contained over 3,900 units.  Approx 1500 of those units will be at Keele and Sheppard and developed as part of Phase 1.  Since this site is the furthest away from the subway this means more cars added to an area that has had 4 major collisions in two years. We are very concerned about the effect this mega-development will have on the heritage woodlot at Keele and Sheppard.  Read our objection here.  And the City Planning Division response here.
  • Read our objection regarding the proposed development at 2699 Keele St.  This building has grown from 24 to 27 storeys with 409 parking spaces.  For a City that professes to want to wean people out of their cars, this makes no sense to us. It is nowhere near the subway, has limited access points and 409 additional cars will choke an already congested intersection (Keele & Wilson). This building belongs near the subway.

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